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Buckaroo’s primary focus is B2B (Business-to-Business) marketing for manufacturing and related industries. We meet a multitude of companies with tremendous product and service offerings – leaders and pioneers within their respective industries. Typically, they are manufacturers with direct sales teams, distributors, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), System Integrators (SI) or companies that service and support said industries. Our mission – to share these stories via web and podcasts and hi-light the great talents and services available in the Midwest.

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BuckarooTV – Episode 6

Discover How to Better Manage Risk and Make OSHA an Ally

Find out how to understand and manage risk in your manufacturing facility – make your organization more profitable, agile, and flexible. Discover initial OSHA challenges and hazard assessments for COVID-19. OSHA 3990 – Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19. Guest: Christy J. Jennings, ARM, COHC. President / Senior Safety and Health Consultant at SafeMetrics LLC.

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BuckarooTV – Episode 5

Get Wired. Gain Insight. A 53-Year-Old Company’s #1 Secret to Success.

WireCrafters, a 53-year-old company, find out their #1 Secret to Success. Understand how wire partitions add to your facility’s safety and security. Learn six ways WireCrafters’ products are being used by organizations such as Walgreens, Amazon, Philadelphia Eagles, the U.S. Government and more. Guest: Milt Tandy, President – WireCrafters.

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BuckarooTV – Episode 4

Save Money. Increase Efficiency. Keep Your Facility Operating at Peak Performance

Discover how you can accurately prepare for mechanical and plumbing services to avoid surprises annually. Learn why keeping your equipment well maintained is important to your bottom line as well as employee productivity. Find out why long-term relationships make a difference in preventive maintenance.

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BuckarooTV – Episode 3

One Thing Every Manufacturer MUST Consider Before Hiring a Legal Partner

Find out steps to take if an employee tests positive for COVID-19. Discover the most important thing to think about before hiring legal council. Learn the greatest challenges manufacturers face today and possible remedies. Get expert advise from Stephen Ferrucci, Attorney at Law, with the law firm, CLAPP FERRUCCI.

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BuckarooTV – Episode 2

Decrease Medical Costs and Improve Your Team’s Health and Wellness

With a unique technology based platform, Proactively help your employees feel and work better with proven results and witness the positive impact on your bottom line.

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BuckarooTV – Episode 1

Moving Forward Post Pandemic with Dr. Carla Morgan

Informative video interview about getting back to business and moving forward post Pandemic. The topic discussed is how employers, team members, and co-workers can navigate the psychological impact of COVID-19, and effective strategies to use in the workplace.

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